Frequently Asked Questions
How do I earn money from Cash4Time

There are several ways to earn on Cash4Time like clicking ads, playing games, doing surveys and referring friends.

How do I submit my ads

On the left hand side of the screen on the menu panel click on Advertise Panel at the top of screen next to the word Manage is a drop down window where you can choose the ad you want to advertise like paid to. Click ads, Login Ads, Banner Ads, Featured Text Link, Featured Link Ads and Paid to Sign up Offers. Choose your ad type then fill out all the necessary information then click send. Please make sure your account has enough funds to pay for your advertising.


How do I add money to my account

Click on ADD FUNDS then choose to add funds from Paypal, enter the amount you want to deposit then click Send You'll be taken to the Paypal payment gateway to process your deposit.

Can I transfer money from my account balance to my purchase balance

Yes, click on ADD FUNDS then choose to add funds from your account balance, enter the amount you wanna transfer then click Send and the money will be transferred from your account balance to your purchase balance. Which could used to purchased ad credits.

How do I earn money from my referrals

You'll receive 10pts per referral and 100pts converts to $1 So the more people you refer the more points you'll receive and the more money you'll make.

How do I withdraw / request my money

Click on Withdraw, enter the amount you would like withdraw, choose where you would like to send your money (your PayPal account) click send to get the process started.

How long does it take to receive my funds

You receive your funds on a monthly basis for instance if you earn$100 in January you'll receive payment the first week in February

Can I convert my points into cash

To convert points into cash, in the members area under Earning Balance Stats, click on the blue words 'Convert Points' then click the Conver to Cash tab, you'll see the. Conversion rate $1= 100pts You'll see your total points and your points to convert. Once you've put in the points you wanna convert click Send and your points will be converted to cash and added to your account balance.

Can I upgrade using my account balance

Yes, click on Upgrade Account button then choose if you wanna upgrade from your account balance or if you wanna upgrade using PayPal then choose your membership, make your payment and your account will be upgraded instantly 

Can I buy or rent referrals

Yes, you can purchase referrals to add to your downline. Example: 100 rented referrals will be in your downline temporarily and 100 bought referrals will be in your downline permanently

What should I do if I need more help

Please submit a ticket to Cash4Time support 

Where can I find my referral link

On the left side of the screen you'll see the members menu on the this menu panel click on Banner and at the top of page you'll see your referral link to promote. Copy this link and drive in Visitors to earn from your referrals